The Great Move

Welcome to the show.

We have finally moved from our twemporary bunker in a Motwel 6 to our new studio in beautiful Central Texas! We thank everyone for their prayers and well-wishes. The future starts now!


Current Stuff


Texas Supreme Court greenlights arrest of AWOL House Democrats


Afghanistan hokey pokey

US Sending 3K Troops for Partial Afghan Embassy Evacuation


News of the Weird and Wonderful

If your name is Kyle, the city of Kyle needs you in order to break a Guinness World Record


Man Confused By Stray Cat On AstroTurf-Covered Car


A Q&A With the Woman Who Installed These 2-Foot-Tall Address Numbers on Her House


Village terrorised by bandit pouring baked beans through letterboxes


Gwyneth Paltrow’s company sued over exploding vagina candles



News of the Wonderfuller


Thrift store returns 146-year-old marriage certificate to great-granddaughter


Boy Raises $700,000 For Hospice By Camping Out For 500 Nights After Dying Man Gives Him a Tent


“No one has given me shoes like that before”: Girl puts heart and sole into helping kids in Ghana


The original story:

Captain forms bond with seagull he saved while out at sea

The update:

Seagull who bonded with captain who saved her now has a mate

Loud and Clear

Chuck takes a break from HOLY CRAP, THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING (He returns to the desk next week) and hosts a roundtable on the rising prices of gas and building materials.. The results are why he prefers to stick to HOLY CRAP.


Welcome to the New Abnormal

Greta Thunberg on the cover of Vogue: hypocrite or eco-winner?


2 dead, 1 injured after shooting over unpaid rent in Las Vegas


Rockies Now Say Fan Was Calling to Mascot, Not Shouting a Slur


Babies born during COVID-19 pandemic tied with lower IQ, study suggests

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


At least 63 people on Martha’s Vineyard have tested positive for Covid-19 since Barack Obama’s maskless 60th birthday bash – the most cases on the island since April


The incident was dumb, but the city’s name is dumber

Triangle woman charged with pouring alcohol into family member’s face, eyes


‘He thought it was a toy.’ Toddler fatally shoots dad in grandma’s North Carolina home


Ted Lieu faces scrutiny over $50,000 campaign donation to Stanford before son’s acceptance


BURRITO BRAWL! FAST FOOD FURY! | Chipotle late order complaint ends with scissors slinged, police called

Poetry Corner

Wolf is back with a rhyme that’s wack.

Florida Man

Florida Man Bites Off Another Man’s Ear During Vacation Fight in the Keys


Florida man washes ashore after trying to ‘walk’ to New York in bubble device


Florida woman exposes herself on flight, kicks officer


Florida couple arrested in spaghetti-slinging food fight


Florida man with trespassing warrant claims to be FBI agent during Lee County traffic stop

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