Jim’s Facebook post from 0/06/2021:




Brothers and Sisters,


On September 19, 2021, I commited a grave sin against you all. 


I posted a video a friend shared with me featuring a microbiologist who offered an alternative point of view regarding the current and extremely popular treatments for a current and extremely popular illness with a 99+% survival rate, even without the aforementioned treatment.


I swear to you, my intentions were pure and good.


But thanks to a phalanx of independent fact checkers, I have been sternly and rightly rebuked.


After all…


Who am I, a mere mortal with an open mind, to question what multi-billion dollar corporations, and the governments they both support and are supported by, are telling a scared, desperate and willing populace through the most respected media outlets in the land? 


What kind of coward am I, to hesitate to ingest a treatment that thousands of obviously-under-informed medical staffers have lost their jobs over for the egregious error of refusing to take it? 


What kind of tinfoil-hat-wearing nuisance am I, to look into alternative and inexpensive treatments such as sunshine, Vitamins C and D3, that horse paste stuff, or Hydrox Cookie Chloroform, or however it’s pronounced? 


No, my friends, I was way out of line.  And I want you to avoid the pitfalls I didn’t avoid. After all, I have been warned that they are able to reduce the visibility of my posts, which could bring my total readership down from 12 people to as low as 10. Do you really want that for yourself?


And  what if it doesn’t stop there?  What do I do if I get suspended or closed down? The horror of having to read a book, talk to my wife, call a friend, create a story, or post on Minds or Parler instead is too terrifying to even contemplate.


No, do not question His Immaculate Fauciness.


No, do not ask independent fact checkers who they are and are not independent from.


No, do not get your news from anyone other than sources backed by huge media and telecom conglomerates. 


No, do not resist showing your true colors now, even though you previously swore that you don’t trust the government, big business, or the media.


If I have saved one soul through this post, it will have been worth it.


Good night, and God bless.


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