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Colin Powell


Travis Tritt


RUST tragedy


Admiral “Rachel”


Saint Fauci

Anthony Fauci Facing Quiz Over NIH Funding for ‘De-barking’ Beagle Puppies

News of the Weird and Wonderful


Kitties Found Home rescues stray cats and gives them a good home


Old story, but fun

No One Knows Why a Mystery In-N-Out Burger Was Found Abandoned in Queens, 1,500 Miles from Home

I Found NYC’s In-N-Out Burger and Solved the Mystery of How It Got There

The he said she said of this story makes it even funnier…

The In-N-Out NYC Burger Mystery Has Been Solved (and the Culprit Is on the Honor Roll)


Yay Daddies!!


Dads spend time in Louisiana high school after 23 students were arrested in string of violence


Elephants have evolved to be tuskless in response to ivory poaching, study finds

Welcome to the New Abnormal

In-N-Out Burger’s fight over COVID vaccination rules could be start of bigger battle


Meanwhile…at another beloved eatery

Chick-Fil-A Goes Viral For Being Guilty Of Actual Inclusivity


…said every socialist ever

Don’t rant about short-staffed stores and supply chain woes


Thooperman, Too

Superman just got a new motto, DC Comics announces

Superman colorist quits over comic’s embrace of wokness: ‘Tired of this s***’


Their takeaway is that Gab is a far-right site?

SJPD employee on leave after publishing right-wing extremist social media posts

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


Vaccidy jab jab causing worse colds? Say it isn’t so!

Super cold: Is ‘the worst cold ever’ going around?


Little overkill, but OK…

Residents bring down drone believing it was spreading COVID-19


We truly do live in a clown world now

Machete-wielding clown arrested in Guelph


Taxpayer money well spent (snark)

What does your star sign say about your covid vaccination status?



Dress code at NYC’s latest attraction Summit spares ‘upskirting’ blushes

News of the Wonderfuller

A perfect end in the perfect place

1,700 miles and 75 towns in 120 days: Chicago’s walking man’s journey comes to an end

A Walk Through the Middle, Down the Center


For Jim:

Internet Sleuth Solves 45-Year Guitar Mystery Returning the Beloved ’57 Gretsch to a Rock Idol


Earliest Prehistoric Art Discovered –And it Turns Out to Be Hand Prints Made by Children 170,000 Years Ago


From Phrytzie:

Istanbul Improves the Lives of Thousands of Stray Cats with Elaborate Outdoor Cat Houses


After Using Tools, Crows are Happier and Behave More Optimistically: ‘The pleasure of accomplishment’


Faith in Humanity Restored When Florida Teens Return Wallet and Refuse Reward


‘I Won’t Stop Until It Happens’: Michael J. Fox Raises $1 Billion To Find Cure For Parkinson’s


Police Melt Over This 4-Year-old Boy’s Emergency Call Inviting Them to Come See His Toys 


Violinist finds new way to connect with people by becoming a cop

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