Halloween Special – with cohost Dave Clark!

Welcome to the show.

Happy Halloween! Jim is taking most of the night off tonight, so he can get rest after his health scare and subsequent visit to the hospital. (More on that below.) He leaves his microphone in the capable hands of our good friend, collaborator and supporter Dave Clark. Jim will be back to fully co-host the show soon.


Jim’s Heart Thingy

First, the tale of Jim’s Heart Thingy…Jim was having trouble sleeping on Tuiesday due to a very, VERY rapid heart beat. Melanie insisted on going to the Urgent Care. Thusly, Melanie may have saved Jim’s life. Jim wound up in the hospital, and was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. An angiogram on Friday showed no blockages, which means no stents or bypass was necessary. For now it’s medications, follow ups and an eventual ablation procedure.

Hopefully, I (Jim) have learned these important lessons…

Listen to your body.

Don’t ignore ANYTHING out the ordinary.

Get a physical once a year, If you are diabetic or have any other chronic or serious health issues,, or if you are over 50,  do it more often if you can.

Follow your doctor’s advice and make sure you take your medications as prescribed. (If you suffer any side effects or something doesn’t feel right, call the doc to discuss; alternative therapies will most likely be available.)

Get some exercise.

Get sufficent rest.

Stick to foods that are as close to nature as possible. Fast food should be an occasional treat, not a lifestyle.

Controlyourcaffeineintakeforcryingoutloud! 🙂

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

God loves you, and is always just a prayer away.

CHF is a seious condition, but not a death sentence. People diagnosed with it can live for years or even decades with proper self-care. Jim plans to be around for a while yet!



Halloween PSA from Max

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News of the Weird and Wonderful

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Jay-Z, Foo Fighters and Tina Turner (as solo act) welcomed into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (also Carole King as a performer and the Go-Gos…what was the holdup on all these ladies?)


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Welcome to the New Abnormal

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Biden’s 85-vehicle motorcade a textbook example of hypocrisy from ‘limousine liberals’


Tales of Modern Horror

A simple task turns horribly, horribly wrong due to the very technology used to do the simple task.


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

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People Are Waiting Outdoors All Night for Driver’s Licenses in Texas


Man smashes ex’s car, flees on motorcycle, dies in crash


Georgia man faces prison time after using COVID-19 relief loan to buy $50,000 Pokémon card


Hiker lost on mountain for 24 hours ignored calls from rescuers because he didn’t recognize phone number


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News of the Wonderfuller

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