Birthdays and Vets

Welcome to the show.

We have a lot to talk about, let’s get rtight to it!

Happy Birthday Melanie!

Yes, it’s that time of year again! Max salutes his “Mumsie” with a full-b;own entertainment extravaganza. Things go as expected.

Happy Veteran’s Day!

We salute all of the brave men and women who have kept opur country free.

Jim’s Health Update

Due to a techincal glitch from last weeks show, Daves voice was missing, so the show had to be scrapped. Jim reviews his medixal journey that sidelined him.

Congrats Stephy Hayward and Dominick Muzio

Two of our former guests, good friends and creatives Stephy and Dom got married today! Congratulations and love to you guys.

Good Election Stuff…

Republican Glenn Youngkin wins Virginia’s governor race, dealing Democrats a blow


Exclusive — Truck Driver Edward Durr: How I Took Out New Jersey’s Top Democratic Boss


Is Seattle seeing a sharp shift in its politics?


News of the Weird and Wonderful

Bear approaches British Columbia woman on her porch, licks her hand


80-Year-Old Man Fights Off Bear With His Fists, Wins Bravery Award


Minnesota police called to break up bald eagle street fight\


Prostate Cancer Breakthrough: A Protein That Stops Tumor Growth is Discovered As Remedy For Drug-Resistance


Illusionist escapes straitjacket 300 times in eight hours


24,000-year-old animal found alive, well and ready to reproduce


Every Fall, A Smiley Face Emerges From This Oregon Forest


Rejected commercials

There are some commercials even WE refuse to broadcast..


Welcome to the New Abnormal


Fox News Editorial:

Biden’s 85-vehicle motorcade a textbook example of hypocrisy from ‘limousine liberals’


Police confirm victims may have been injected with drugs at Astroworld crowd surge


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Man Missing for Two Dozen Years Returns to Family Home to Allegedly Stab Brother


Tree ‘ninjas’ get the wrong house, mistakenly cut down family’s beloved oak tree


News of the Wonderfuller


Students Sing To Teacher With Stage 4 Cancer Outside Hospital


Mystery Grandparents Pay Off 82 Balances At Toy Store To Help Struggling Families


Boy Leaves Candy For Others When He Finds Empty Trick-Or-Treat Bowl

Liver donor and recipient running New York City Marathon together


ASPCA ‘Kid Of The Year’ Goes Above And Beyond To Help Shelter Dogs Get Adopted


Liver donor and recipient running New York City Marathon together


Robin Williams Always Required Film Companies To Hire Homeless People


One of Britain’s Last D-Day Veterans Returns From France Completing His ‘Final Mission’ – and 68 Years of Charity


Florida Man

Man shoots and kills neighbor over an argument about a cat

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