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As we approach Thanksgiving, we want to extend our gratitude to God and to all of the people in our lives who have blessed us in one form or another over the past year. With that having been said, let’s dive into the inevitable,


Let’s talk Rittenhouse

We make a rational case for why the Rittenhouse trial ended exactly as it should have, and why we think this is good for America.


Called It

BROTHEL in Austria provides Covid-19 vaccinations for customers – and offers free entry to ‘sauna club’ to anyone who gets jabbed

‘Rust’ script never called for Baldwin gun to be fired, lawsuit alleges


New Merch!

Our new I WILL NOT COMPLY and our revised I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK designs are now available as shirts, mugs and so much more! Click on the Store link above to check them out! Thank you for supporting us.

News of the Weird and Wonderful

DeSantis Signs Bill Limiting Mandates in Brandon, Florida, to Chants of ‘Lets Go Brandon’


Mars helicopter, set to fly again, defies lifespan projections


Alabama engineer builds world’s largest Nerf gun


New Zealand woman ‘held hostage by a possum’


Cemetery statue’s missing head returned after more than two decades


Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening

Chuck talks Kyle, Brandon, Kevin, and Pete.

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Stupid article, but the responses are pure gold

Does It Matter if I Eat the Stickers on Fruits and Vegetables?


Frozen vials marked “Smallpox” found in lab freezer in Pennsylvania, CDC says


Kansas Mom Sues Walmart for Allegedly Giving COVID-19 Vaccine to Daughter Without Consent


Cornell professor’s threat to fail maskless ‘hook-nosed’ student causes backlash


Toobin should have tried this excuse

Ex-professor fired for allegedly masturbating during Zoom lecture sues Fordham


This is why Koreans can’t have nice things…

North Korean soldiers face punishment for calling South Korea by its official name

This is why Indians can’t have nice things…

She died from a snakebite. But the real killer was her husband

Welcome to the New Abnormal


Virginia Police Officer Fired After Donating to Rittenhouse’s Defense Fund Wants His Job Back



News of the Wonderfuller


Woman Falls Down Mountain, Writes Hilarious Review For Leggings


This is why Colombians CAN have nice things….

Colombian Couple Living In Boston Asks For Thanksgiving Invites, Hundreds Of Neighbors Respond


Courageous Canine Who Lost His Legs–But Not His Hope–is Named 2021 Hero Dog of the Year


Plastic Surgeon Performs Over 32,000 Free Surgeries To Help Kids Smile


Bride wears special wedding dress for husband, who is blind

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