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CCW Come to Jesus Moment

Do we go on? Do we split or do we quit? we are trying to decide which way we want to go with this program as we move into 2022. We are planning a somewhat deiiferent format, and we want your feedback. What do you like the most? The least? What would you like us to add or subtrct? Break it down into 2 90-miunute spots per week? What nights? Please contact us and let us know. All feedback is welcome.

Called It

What scientists know about the new variant

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Imagine being so insufferable that you can’t even stay married to YOURSELF

Brazilian model who married HERSELF is now getting a divorce just 90 days on from her nuptials after she ‘met someone who is more special’


Video shows brave 9-year-old girl fight thug robbing her mother: ‘I fought back. I had to save my mom.’


Blind Raccoon Saves The Lives Of Two Stray Kittens And Finds Them A Home


Fashion Designer Makes Shoes that Grow into Apple Trees, Instead of Growing Landfills (Kickstarter)


Cat Found With Sad Note Was Hiding A Sweet Surprise Under Her Blanket


Spectacular Coral Event This Year Spawns Hope –And Billions of Babies For Great Barrier Reef


Farmers Tempt Endangered Cranes Back – By Switching to Grow Their Favorite Food

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Can’t I just have a PB&J WITHOUT promoting mental illness?
KRAFT Peanut Butter releases kids book on “pronouns” for Trans Awareness Week


Man who poses with “plastic” crocodile learns the hard way that it’s alive


Woman swallows AirPod instead of painkiller, records audio from stomach


‘Give Me My Pizza’: Tennessee Man Holds Up Pizza Shop With AK-47 After Being Told His Order Would Take 10 Minutes


Walmart pulls children’s toy that swears and sings in Polish about doing cocaine


Welcome to the New Abnormal

So-called Q shaman gets more than three years. I’m positive he isn’t one of us.


The ‘QAnon Shaman’ thanked the judge at his sentencing hearing for allowing him to have a fully organic diet in jail


Yeah, THIS guy…

Hundreds march across Arizona demanding action on climate change


Other “Trump supporters” involved:

John Sullivan

Leslie Grimes



LAPD Advises City Residents to ‘Cooperate and Comply’ with Robbers


Mother Describes FBI Raiding Her Home For Speaking Out Against Election Fraud & Radical School Boards


Bank of America Initiates Pilot Program Separating Vaccinated From Unvaccinated Employees


Navy Shipbuilding Contractor Suspends Vaccine Mandate After Workers Threaten to Leave


As families flee public schools, Seattle schools push mandatory vax


FDA Asks Court for 55 Years to Fully Release Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Data


New Hampshire school district says football coach suspended student for saying there are ‘only 2 genders’

News of the Wonderfuller

Teens Show Holiday Spirit Grabbing Rakes to Help Elderly with Leaf Removal


Man Takes Kids Without Fathers On Fishing Excursions


Florida Man


Florida man admits defrauding California of $10 million


Florida woman caught trying to enter Canada with 56 guns in her car


Milton man attacks another man after being caught ‘humping’ dog


Police hope tattoo leads to answers after second body part found in McKay Bay


The comments are hilarious on this one

Miami Beach chamber member disrobes on Zoom meeting


Didn’t we report on this one? Oh…wait…that was the OTHER  Florida woman who exposed herself at a kids’ party…

Florida woman crashes party, exposes private parts to children


Florida ‘Teacher of the Year’ arrested for hitting pupil who criticized award


Florida man fleeing from deputies jumps off bridge into river in unsuccessful escape attempt


Florida man faces daily fines for massive ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ sign and pro-Trump sign: ‘That’s free speech’

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