Non-Christmas Special

Welcome to the show.

As we approach Christmas, we have incredible stories of wonderful, giving people. We return to one of our best interviews, and Chuck does what Chuck does.

Current Events

Michael Nesmith

Jussie GUILTY!


News of the Weird and Wonderful

Fun Facts to Celebrate First Nobel Prizes 120 Years Ago: Youngest Laureate, First Woman, Most Wins, Who Declined?


Good news thats…ahem…hard to beat!

Could Viagra reduce Alzheimer’s risk?


New York College Basketball Coach Loses Job Over Vaccine Mandate, Accepts Position in Florida


Man Writes Award-Winning Book About Stray Cat Who Changed His Life


Travelodge reveals strangest requests from guests in 2021


Dog Takes Golf Cart For A Spin, Crashes Into Truck


The Hilarious Way Elvis’ Girlfriend Helped Him Dodge Fans In Public


Facebook Users Hilariously Roast Woman Who Blamed Marie Callender’s For Burning Her Pie


Holy Crap, this is Actually Happening!

It’s all real and Chuck tries to hold it together as he reports on all of this insanity.


Best of CCW Interviews-Dominick Muzio

In honor of the release of Wicked Garden’s new release, Bipolar Coaster, and his marriage to the lovely Stephy, we are repearing our interview with guiarist and singer Dominick Muzio! Congratulations.

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Dozens of camels barred from Saudi beauty pageant for using Botox


Electrician jailed after castrating men at their request in Germany


Why Your Griswold-Style Holiday Display Could Snag A $11,000 Fine From The FAA


Fly the Friendly Skies…

Delta Airlines passenger ‘breastfeeding screaming cat that looked like a baby refused to stop’


BUM SQUAD Bomb squad race to A&E after patient arrives with WW2 artillery shell stuck up his bottom

(note: A&E stands for Emergency and Accident department of a hospital in the UK)


News of the Wonderfuller

Georgia waitress gets $10,000 in tips after customer’s Facebook post


Customer Surprises Homeless Dunkin’ Employee With A Furnished Home


Tennessee trooper helps deliver baby on the interstate


Cardboard Habitat Pods Give a Fighting Chance to Animals Displaced by Wildfires


A Secret Santa gave out $30,000 to strangers in need — but it was his words that moved them


Ohio Siblings Donate Thousands Of Toys To Children’s Hospital Every Christmas

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