The CCW Christmas Special

Welcome to the show.

Christmas time is here. We celebrate the holiday with inspiring stories and our annual book exchange! Please note that, due to a contract signed with Max, he will NOT be hosting a Christmas special this year. Sorry to disappoint any of his fans who were hoping for it to happen again.

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Mom Pays For The Grinch To Visit Her Home, Then Has Regrets


Remains of Missing O’Jays Guitarist Identified After 40 Years


Old story, but must be shared

Moment paralyzed deaf-mute teenager attempts to rob a jewelry shop in Brazil with a fake gun held with his FEET


A Talking Crow Befriending a School Has a Foul-Mouth But is Still Beloved by Kids in Oregon


Indiana woman finds Kentucky family photo that traveled over 150 miles from where tornado hit


Agent Orange’s Wedding, part 2

We finally finish the saga of the wedding of the year.

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Leaked SoCal hospital records reveal huge, automated markups for healthcare


‘It’s a morgue. It won’t smell like perfume,’ says director after neighbors complain


Man dies after jumping off bridge to avoid semi-truck on I-90


This waitress was fired after receiving a huge tip from a dinner party. Here’s why


Beaver peddler

Woman charged with indecent exposure after reportedly exposing herself in front of children


Man takes 10 COVID vaccine shots in single day


Book Exchange

Our ann[ual tradition continues, this tiome live on the air.

MvRB Christmas Extravaganza

Wait, what?

Welcome to the New Abnormal

How the media has created a generation (or two) of absolute cowards.

Milton’s Pierce Middle School Goes Into Lockdown After Phone Charger Mistaken For Gun


New York Used Federal Coronavirus Relief Funds to Advance Critical Race Theory Indoctrination


Monty Python star Terry Gilliam breaks his silence over his show being canceled when he recommended ‘provocative’ US comic Dave Chappelle to his followers


CPS says new ‘boys+’ and ‘girls+’ bathroom signs are gender inclusive; petition seeks to rescind policy


Parent Says Daughter Was ‘Coached’ on LGBTQ Identity at California School


News of the Wonderfuller

Kentucky tornado survivor who livestreamed for help reunites with her rescuers


7-year-old boy living in shelter writes heartbreaking letter to Santa


Air Force captains bond over religion, even though they practice different ones


Mom Was Getting Mad At The Dog Until She Realized Her Baby Wasn’t Breathing


Ex-Homeless Man Decorates His Home With Over 16,000 Christmas Lights To Raise Money For Charity

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