Seven Achievements by Joe Biden in 2021 That No One Is Talking About

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Seven Achievements by Joe Biden in 2021 That No One Is Talking About

1. Fighting Climate Change

He did the opposite.

Rejoining the Paris Accord is not an achievement. Sir Child Sniffer’s handlers simply put us right back into a failed “agreement” for which the #1 polluters are exempt, yet we foot the bill for all of them, even though we’re the only ones doing it right.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Continue to Decline as the American Economy Flourishes Under the Trump Administration

2. Judicial Appointments

First of all, I despise the whole appointed life-term thing. It’s anti Republic and undemocratic. Our judges should be voted in and FIREABLE.

Second, the only reason Hiden’ Biden had so many to appoint is that Trump didn’t have time to get to all of the positions that the OBiden admin left empty.

Dems: if you fail to do your job long enough, you can cheat your way into a third chance and STILL blame the other guy.

Finally, the fact that you all focus on race and gender is repugnant. I would rather NOT have diversity hires in charge of our judicial system. I’d rather have those who know, believe in, and will uphold the Constitution regardless of their skin tone or what’s between their legs.


…because let’s partner up with a totalitarian government brutalizing its own citizens to pretend to stand up to another fascist regime enslaving its own citizens — and fuck France, amiright? Plus, we have all that money stolen from our own citizens burning holes in our warmongering pockets…so…

Why AUKUS makes no sense for Australia and Asia-Pacific

4. Pausing Federal Executions:

I’ll agree with him on that one, as I am perfectly consistent on the death penalty. I do not believe we have the right to play God, whether murdering violent criminals in the name of justice or murdering innocent children in the name of convenience. So, I’ll be fair. He gets a 50% – AKA – low F.

5. Transgender Service Members

You believe that buying into a mentally ill person’s psychosis and assisting them in mutilating themselves — thus INCREASING their suicide rate — is a kind and just thing to do? Those poor human beings. I can’t believe you actually celebrate such atrocities as a success.


6. Reuniting Migrant Families

LOL, snort. 🤣😂🤣 OMG, that’s the biggest reach yet. Yeah, gonna finally get them outta the cages Bummer built? Well, since they’re WAY over capacity and living under bridges, one could argue that at least SOME of them aren’t in cages. How about how he caused the gigantic surge in the first place? Or, better yet, let’s talk about where they’re all going when they disappear in the middle of the night. Unless you’re pro- child trafficking, he’s a dismal failure on all sides of human rights.

Read past a headline once in a while.


7. Jobs, Wages and GDP

All you’ve got to do is walk outside to see all three are down and people are hurting. Propaganda be damned, reality is obvious if you are honest.

..but that would require breaking your curfew, venturing out of your basement, and, of course, flashing your personal medical information to hopefully avoid anyone not masked, force-stabbed, and oppressed by the very government that is supposed to SERVE THEM.

…but that would ALSO require a certain level of self-awareness and courage.

Biden: Fact-checking claims about US economic progress

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