Written by Mélanie Hope / Performed by James Moniz

Video editing by StormKatt Productions

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NYC Mayor Eric Adams apologizes for using racial slur

Eric Adams admits he eats fish

New Yorkers Take to Twitter to Share Harrowing Photos of NYC’s First ‘Vegan Friday’ Meals



Meet the world’s most powerful doctor: Bill Gates



Thousands Sign Petition To Stop Dismantling of Iconic Bridge So Jeff Bezos’ Yacht Can Pass



Police Seize Fuel From Ottawa Truckers, Outlaw Honking As Standoff Enters Second Week

Freedom Convoy: GoFundMe seizes funds of Canada ‘occupation’

News won’t report this:

Canadian trucker convoy protesters confront masked man with Confederate flag, tell him to leave



As Protests Erupt, Some Countries Backtrack on COVID Mandates While Others Double Down



Explaining the Claim That the Biden Administration Is Funding ‘Crack Pipes’

Fox News’ ‘Biden crack pipe’ freakout is going to kill people



Message to U.S. Citizens: Poland/Ukraine Border Open to U.S. Citizens

Proof Of COVID-19 Vaccine Needed For Americans Fleeing Ukraine Into Poland

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