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It has been a rough week for our freinsds in Ukraine. We said there would be less political content, and we weren’t lyning. But this is not something that can be ignored. We talk Putin, Biden, and the inevitable morass that the US will find itself in. Then we get to our usual great stuff



Outrage grows as Biden diverts Border Patrol agents from U.S. border to aid Ukraine border


Of Course Fidel Castro is Justin Trudeau’s Dad. Nobody Has ‘Debunked’ Anything

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

Chuck is back…so is the nonsense.


News of the Weird and Wonderful

South Carolina police foil snake’s home invasion attempt


Wreckage from 1800s ship washes up on North Carolina beach


Woman finds decades-old love letters hidden in Virginia home

Canadian teen solves 211 Rubik’s cubes while on a pogo stick

New York doctors remove tooth growing inside man’s nose


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Man Accidentally Fills Bladder, Penis With Foam Whilst Trying To Cure ED

HARD LUCK Man may never be able to use his penis again after bizarre DIY impotence treatment goes wrong


Man found dead under car; believed to have been stealing catalytic converter


Ga. official accused of faking 2 pregnancies also planned 2 fake weddings, friend says


India arrests ‘doctor’ conman who married 18 women


Texas Man Shoots At Restaurant Workers Over BBQ Sauce Argument


Interviews to the Max

Max is back…and he interviews Justin Trudeau. Yikes.

News of the Wonderfuller

This NFL player took an 11-year-old girl whose dad died to the father-daughter dance: “Just a magical experience”


This dog went missing in 2010. Nearly 12 years later, she was found just miles from her family and returned.


Shaq Buys Large Family A New Van, Then Tips Struggling Waitress $1,000


At 96, Dick Van Dyke Made A Music Video With His Wife, Arlene


He Sold His Home To Pay For His Granddaughter’s Education, So Internet Strangers Bought Him A New One


5-Year-old Donates Everything He Has–30 Cents–to a Homeless Man, Teaching His Father a Lesson


Florida Man

Fleeing Florida man breaks beer bottle over head, deputy fires back thinking it was gunshot


Naked Florida Man humps tree and then attacks cops


Florida man gets prison for illegally shipping turtles and snakes

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