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If we seem even more contented than usual, it’s because we (FINALLY) had our remaining belongings arrive from Vegas.  We also discuss exploding ovens and liquor stores. Well opnlyt the oven explloded, not the liq..oh, never mind.

Current Events

I’m so glad our taxes are going up so that we may fund the elites getting pay raises while we go hungry.


Congress delivered a 21 percent increase to the Members Representational Allowance, which funds the offices of lawmakers and various congressional support offices.

Happy (would have benn)100th birthday, Carl Reiner.

Gov. Abbott shows how Texas is becoming the first state to build its own border wall

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Wyoming’s got a new app for claiming roadkill


Mike Tyson is selling ear-shaped cannabis-infused edibles called ‘Mike Bites’


UFC fighter Kevin Holland disarms gunman with chokehold at a Houston sushi restaurant


Internet-famous cat Stepan escapes from Ukraine

Stepan, an internet-famous tabby cat who has more than a million followers on Instagram and Tik Tok, has escaped war-torn Ukraine.


The cat’s social media pages went silent on March 3, alarming his followers. Stepan’s owner, known only as Anna, gave an update on Instagram this week on how they made it to safety following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Bear Cub Opens Car Door To Snatch Sandwich In Sierra Madre

Message in a bottle travels from Bahamas to England in 21 years

A Dolphin Named Kelly Was So Smart, She Trained Her Humans

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening

Still Putin on the Ritz Edition!


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Horror as camel kills two after breaking free from zoo enclosure and launching at visitors


Beekeepers turn to anti-theft technology as hive thefts rise


Woman’s ‘UTI’ was actually glass tumbler lodged in bladder for 4 years

OUCH!…wait, what?


Opera singer out of work after surgery left her unable to sing due to chronic flatulence


Weirder and Wonderfuller

North Carolina gas station lowers prices to $2.25 to give community break at the pump

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