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Singing in the Rain

Before ronight’s show, we caught a 70th Anniversary screening of SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN. Warner Bros. (The current owners of the film) did an amazing job with the sound and picture quality. It will be showing again this Wednesday, April 13 nationwide. Check your local listings. See a classic as it was meant to be seen.

RIP Mimi Reinhardt

Mimi Reinhardt Dies Aged 107: Schindler’s List-Maker Secretary Helped Save Hundreds Of Jews During World War II

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Wildlife Biologists Spot “Rarest of Rare” Melanistic Mule Deer in West Texas


  1. there’s weird, there’s wonderful, and there’s…this?

Unidentified man found dead in homemade casket left at rural Linn County cemetery


Hedgehog rescued from garden drain pipe in England

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Hoax hate has gotten out of hand

Rush to Judgment: An autopsy of a racial power grab in Coronado


Colorado passes law permitting children to play alone outside ‘if they are mature enough’


Man fined £250 for sending toothpaste to neighbour he said had bad breath (open in Brave to avoid excessive ads) Link for archive


Man led deputies on 120 mph chase, brought down by his pants trying to escape


Embalmed Body of Dead Rapper Propped Up at D.C. Nightclub


Texas teacher fired for using high-pitched ‘dog whistle’ noise to punish kids


Port Orange teacher arrested for blaring music during standardized test streamed ordeal on Instagram


News of the Weird and Wonderful

Chuck returns with more head-shakers.



Seniors all over the world are going on bike rides with strangers – and forming friendships


Couple adopts neighbor’s 3 children after she passes and then the community rallies together


Old resort brings new life for Ukrainian refugees in East Sooke, B.C.


Nonprofit Protects More Than a Million Acres of Rainforest So Far This Year – All With Public Donations


Garbage Collector Stops Truck to Hug and Pray for Young Woman ‘Down on Her Luck’


Wheelchair Tumbles into Lake, But 81-Year-old is Saved From Drowning By His Dog’s Barking


Young H-E-B Bagger Pays For Struggling Grandma’s $137 Bill, Brings Her To Tears


Homeless Dog That Comforted Troops Overseas is Being Transported to America to Live With One of the Soldiers

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