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We are one short week away from broadcasting from our Brand New Sudio in Deepinaharta, Texas! Thank you for your prayers and support as we make a welcome and much-needed move to safer, more comfortable quarters. Tonight, we discuss the Ministry of Truth, revisit a classic sketxh in our “CALLED IT!” segment, and give yet another example of why foregin countries shake their heads at Americans.

Current Events

Join the Mental Health “Zoom-in” with Pastor Steven Jerles & Dr. Henry Cloud. We’ll learn how to deal with anxiety, depression, loneliness, and marriage issues. Meetings are Tuesdays at 11:30a Central starting on May 3.

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News of the Weird and Wonderful

60-Year-Old McDonald’s Fries Unearthed During Crystal Lake DIY Project


National Parks Service Releases Funny PSA In Response To Tourist-Animal Encounters


East Texas 16-year-old sets fishing world record


13-Year-Old To Start PhD Program In Theoretical Physics After Obtaining Bachelor’s Degree


Dog with three legs battling cancer rescues otter from river


Congolese Nun Overcomes Blackouts by Becoming Electrician to Create Hydroelectric Plant


Happy 70th Birthday, Mr. Potato Head!


We recorded a sketch in 2018 about Job Interviews of the Future…The future, sickeningly, has arrived.

Song Time!

Melanie and Her Secret Weapon perform their classic, “Marty Feldman Eyes,” in honor of AOC getting trolled by Elon Musk.

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Texas Woman Proposes Sex to Avoid Ticket, Gets Bribery Charge Instead


Teacher under fire for cotton, handcuffs in class on slavery


Chaos as American family brings unexploded shell to Israel airport


Accused drunk driver trying to drive down stairs said she was following GPS, cops say


British expats in Spain face weeks of chaos as they are banned from driving after failure to reach a post-Brexit agreement on UK driving licences


Feeding pelicans lands you in jail


Taylor Swift’s graduation address has NYU warning ‘Bad Blood’ to any ticket scalpers


Canada to prosecute crimes on the Moon


Oklahoma woman slaps Little Caesars employee over lack of Crazy Bread


Caught on video: intruder stands over San Bernardino residents as they sleep


Woman making church donation injured when thief tries to steal her car

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

Chuck gives us more unbelievable tales of the real. Rational people and freedom lovers, beware!


News of the Wonderfuller

Widow Finds Late Husband’s Wedding Ring Under Apple Tree – 35 Years After He Lost It


Mom, 98 Years Old, Moves Into Same Nursing Home as Son to Help Him

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