Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening —Think of the Children Edition, June 1, 2022


Jury reaches verdict: Johnny Depp wins libel trial, Amber Heard partially wins countersuit


School board org wanted Biden to send National Guard to districts


Uvalde Shooter Fired Outside School for 12 Minutes Before Entering


Police Change Uvalde Timeline: Shooter Walked Into School ‘Unobstructed’


Beto O’Rourke interrupts Greg Abbott’s Uvalde press conference



Authorities investigating if retired federal agent knew of Buffalo mass shooting plans in advance


Chat messages that set off conspiracies about Buffalo and Uvalde shootings confirmed to be fake


Supreme Court has voted to overturn abortion rights, draft opinion shows


NPR’s masking rules encourage coworkers to rat each other out


Free menstrual products coming to all public school restrooms in Oregon



Biden says US would respond ‘militarily’ if China attacked Taiwan, but White House insists there’s no policy change



Bill Gates Poured Millions into Dark Money Fund Attacking Elon Musk

Bill Gates: ‘What’s the point’ of mandates if the vaccines don’t work?



Why the media is ignoring trial at center of the real Russiagate scandal


Hillary Clinton personally approved plan to share Trump-Russia allegation with the press in 2016, campaign manager says


Michael Sussmann Is Acquitted in Case Brought by Trump-Era Prosecutor


With his propensity for plagiarism, the Meat Puppet in Chief is not known for his originality. He proved it last week by coining the phrase, “Ultra MAGA” in an attempt to denigrate more than half of the nation. His name calling failed, however, as it became the ultimate meme now used proudly by said half of the nation. Say hello to the epic superhero, Ultra MAGA Man!

Biden sees a new threat: ‘Ultra MAGA’ Republicans


Not to be outdone, the Brandon regime came up with the very memorable name, “Operation Fly Formula,” not to refer to a global insecticide, but to denote their efforts to airlift baby formula (if he can figure out a way to get it made) to starving families most affected by the regime’s own policies.


Military plane carrying 39 tons of baby formula arrives in U.S.



Now that Elon Musk has outed Twitter on their manipulative algorithms, censorship, and outright lies, they are in full cover-up mode, which includes eliminating the millions of bot accounts that dog-pile on anyone right of Stalin.


Asked simply how many *real* users are actually engaging on the non-free-speech platform, Twitter execs estimated that “about 5% are fake accounts,” which was significant enough for Musk to put his purchase on hold. Later, an audit revealed that 49.3% of accounts following THE MOST POPULAR PRESIDENT EVER!! are, indeed, fake. 


Which, obviously, begs the question: if half of his followers are fake, how many of his voters were? 81 million ballots can, indeed, be wrong.


Half of Joe Biden’s Twitter Followers Are Fake, Audit Reveals

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