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We took a hiarus to engade in The Move From Hell. Thanks for sticking with us. Tonight we celebrate the first broadcast from our new studio deep in the heart of Texas! (It may be a cliche, but we really do live in Central Texas.)

Current Events


The move from Hell.


RIP Ray Leota & Allen White 5/26


Weird and Wonderful, or just predictable?

Nancy Pelosi’s husband arrested on suspicion of DUI


The Crucible

Last Salem ‘witch’ pardoned 329 years after she was wrongly convicted


Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening

The What About the Children Edition.

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Oreo and Ritz team for free cookie-cracker collab


Pool noodle fight over the name Josh again attracts hundreds


East Texas man allegedly robs home, mows homeowner’s yard


Um… so this is a thing…

Man lost his penis, had new one attached to his arm for six years, now is a ‘real man’ again


Think we’ll find Hoffa?
More human remains found at Lake Mead one week after a body was found in a barrel


This will not allay Jim’s flying fears..,

Pilot who fell unconscious midflight is home from hospital, doctor calls it ‘miraculous’


Couple lives permanently on cruise ships because it’s cheaper than housing


Do not bring toasters to the Trump rally…


They’re fighting back

Large oak tree falls on tree trimming company’s truck in Oakland County


Students ride horses to school, cite old law requiring principal to care for them all day


Dwindling water levels reveal another surprise: An ancient lost city


Pa. bank employees help kidnapped woman after she asks for loan, suspect arrested


100-year-old Lester Wright thrills crowd in 100-meter dash at Penn Relays


$100 and 23 years later, 2 refugees and a Minnesota stranger reunite


Our new occasional segment: Horrorscopes!

Thousands of Horoscopes Mashed Up To Create One Generic Prediction

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