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Mélanie solves politics

Why do we pay trillions of our tax dollars to scads of millionaire “lawmakers?”


We have far too many laws already. If anything, we need to get rid of most of them (laws and makers).


We should only elect representatives as needed, for the short time they must meet and cast a vote. They shouldn’t be paid a red nickel, only reimbursed for logical expenses, and their service should be limited to the days needed – with no reelection options.


Screw term limits, I say no terms at all.


Representing the People should NEVER be a lucrative career. By definition, it should be SERVICE requiring sacrifice.


AND they should actually have to represent us, not themselves and lobbyists. If they (or any family member) are endorsed by, invested in, or influenced in any way by any corporation or special interest group, they’re instantly disqualified and replaced by someone willing and able to do the job.


Why do we pay for them to live in D.C.? They still don’t even show up for their jobs. Those who won’t show must be immediately disqualified and removed. Plus, we have Skype and Zoom now. It’s been good enough for our kids for two years now. There’s no need for all that extra expense.


We also need to go back to running JUST the president, with the runner-up being VP. Wanna end all this divisiveness, one-party system, and diversity hire BS? There ya go.


That’s Federal. Let’s talk local.


Each and every one of us must be REQUIRED to serve at least one term in local office – including school boards – if we in any way benefit from their decisions.


One year, tops, no re-election options. You can run for a different office, but, again, politics should not be lucrative enough to become a career.

News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful:

Arrested Arizona ‘Penis Man’ claims there are more Penis Men like him

(Original article: Arizona cops on the hunt for ‘Penis Man’ graffiti artist)


‘Lost’ alligator found in west Texas desert in ‘rare sighting’

Tweet with video: https://archive.ph/wip/OELLb


More wonderful than weird:

99-year-old WWII veteran who enlisted at AGE 15 and stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day becomes an unlikely TIKTOK star by sharing his incredible wartime stories

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Postmates has created ‘the world’s first bottom-friendly menu’ to help people who ‘bottom’ have better sex


You had ONE job…

Texas rattlesnake handler dies from bite at South Texas festival


Cheltenham Township scolds residents for ignoring warnings about massive sinkhole


Sheep sentenced to three years in jail for killing woman


California court rules bees are now fish


Portuguese angered at influx of Californians who import their problems with them

Lincoln Lincoln lakeman’s death shows the dangers of digging deep from lol holes on the beach


Bet she can still vote with no issue.

Federal agency asks 100-year-old Florida woman to prove she’s alive after checks stop


FFS, appeal already

Geico ordered to pay Missouri woman $5.2 million after she contracted STD in a car

News of the Wonderfuller

Revolutionary biodegradable gel could ‘repair damage caused by heart attack’

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