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Welcome to the show.

WShat a week! The Supreme Court has made conservatives very happy this week. We discuss the Court’s decisions on the Second Amendment and Roe vs,, Wade, the response, and the implications. Plus we share News of the Weird and Wonderful. Enjoy!

Current Events

SCOTUS Decisions – Yipe! Both the Ginger and the Jimbo snap tonight.

News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful:

China says it may have detected signals from alien civilisations


Up to 150 gallons of tahini sesame oil spills onto New Jersey road


Dive-bombing crows targeting visitors to California park

More wonderful than weird:


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: ‘We are not going to order’ vaccines for kids for state health departments


Head of Hercules from Antikythera Shipwreck Recovered by Divers in Greece


A new attorney helped clear an innocent man of a murder sentence after 32 years in prison


Holy Crap!

Chuck gives us All the News That’s Fit to Facepalm.

News of the Wonderfuller

Justice Sotomayor praises Clarence Thomas as a ‘friend’ who ‘cares deeply about the court’


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