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Tonight we talk about Basement Joe’s Bumble Across the Midsle East, and other dumb things people do. But it’s not all bad! We also have stories rhat will reaffirm your failth in people. Let’s go!

Current Events

RIP Ivana Trump


Ooo, a doctor’s note!


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful:

Houston police chase loose emu through city streets


We think it’s hideous, but…

Diamond ring earns Guinness World Record with 24,679 diamonds


Wisconsin man suctions 10 cans to his head for Guinness World Record

More wonderful than weird:

Bears break into California home, feast on doughnuts in the kitchen


Mother Elephant Rescued With CPR As Man Jumps Up And Down On Her Chest


A Kayaker Rescues A Frightened 6-Year-Old Boy Who’s Alone In The Water


The Dogfather Adopts Orphaned Ducklings For The Third Time


Welcome to the New World Order
Liberal group lands $171M gov’t contract that could reach $1B to help illegal immigrants avoid deportation


Newsom to DeSantis: ‘Stop Being a Bully, Stop Belittling People’


As Court Slams Door on One Obnoxious Gun Law, NY Enacts Fresh Version


Clueless: Biden Economic Adviser Says ‘Very Hard to Conclude’ If U.S. In Recession


Menstrual changes after Covid vaccines may be far more common than previously known


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Medieval Times N.J. union uprising sees actors duel with overlords on injuries, pay, sword-swinging customers


Why big government always sucks. Always.

Downtown Charleston homeowner takes demolition into own hands after BAR denies request


Thieves drilling holes in cars to steal gas


Man arrested after pointing gun at people who didn’t thank him for holding door


Ohio Senate Republicans sent envelopes of feces in mail


Holy Crap!

Chuck gives us more of what makes America grate.

News of the Wonderfuller

This 8-year-old lost her mom to brain cancer – then only got one RSVP to her birthday party. So, strangers helped her celebrate


A new generation will get to know Jane Goodall a new way – with a Barbie doll of the pioneer and conservationist

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