End of Dynasties


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End of Dynasties
Our republic gets a little less swampy! Max performs Brian Stelter’s exit interview, Chuck gives us more of what makes him crazy, plus all of our usual fun segments.

Current Events

Fire Ants Are Satan, by Jim

An innocent walk on the lawn with my dog turned into a full-fledged attack on my person by the Devil’s Own Minions, fire ants. I have been trying to destroy these rotten bastards for weeks, but the (admittedly badly needed) rain seems to have emboldened them. I am in an IMMENSE amount of discomfort. These compact little bombs of pain and destruction must be eradicated  off the face of the Earth…but for now, I am going to just try to get them away from around our house. Little red jerks.


Grease is the Word

After paying tribute to Olivia Newton-John last week, Jim surprised Melanie with a screening of GREASE at a local multiplex. Some of the proceeds went to breast cancer research. Melanie had never seen the movie from beginning to end, and Jim hadn’t seen it on the big screen before. A good time was had. 🙂


The Sleeper Hit of You Tube…HOLY CRAP!

Since we decided to move the Holy Crap segments to their own YouTube  channel, our viewership has doubled from what it was on the old channel. It is gratifying to see our work pay off. Thanks to all of our new online friends. The best is yet to come!


So Long, Lizard!

Donald Trump, Dynasty Killer: 2023 Will Mean No More Bush, Cheney, McCain, or Clinton in Office


Brawny Britney the Ball Bouncer is still bound to the Big House…and a nation yawns.


In Texas, resentment builds as border crackdown ensnares local drivers


The Marine may rant (get tissues) — this story needs to be told (FJB)

A mom’s unfathomably painful year: One son killed by a terrorist in Afghanistan, then a second lost to the grief of his death


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful – FOOD OCCURS TO JIM edition:

Velveeta is staging a comeback

Chipotle debuts a ‘water cup’ candle. It smells like lemonade

Miller High Life has an ice cream that tastes like a dive bar


More wonderful than weird:

I just want to get to say “Booby Bird”…

Rare Nazca booby bird sighting near Vancouver Island leaves boat captain, whale watchers amazed

New Yorker hero

This hits close to our old home…

Deputies believe mass shooting prevented at Gorge Amphitheater


Florida man, but not

Florida man who survived alligator attack caught on drone video: ‘I shouldn’t be alive’

Interviews to the Max

Brian Stelter’s exit interview.


Florida Man

Forklift stolen from Oceanside Home Depot

Has Florida Man finally met his match? Meet Florida Sheriff

St. Petersburg woman has called police more than 11,000 times this year, police say

The Worst Way To “Celebrate” Your Birthday

Florida Man Steals Over $15,000 in Items From Airport Luggage, Including the Apple AirTag That Got Him Caught


Holy Crap!

Chuck sinks in even deeper as he discusses what mainstream media won’t.

News of the Wonderfuller

‘He calls me Dad.’ Guardian raises money to adopt boy he found in trash in his native Haiti

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