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Tonight we honor Queen Elizabeth, and those who fell on 9/11. We do NOT honor the shmoe who used a 9/11 speech to target his political opponents. But more on that in a bit. Welcome to CounterCultureWISE.


Current Events

The Queen is dead; long live the King


Never Forget

What an absolute twat

Joe Biden uses 9/11 Speech To Aim At Political Enemies


Twists of Fate That Saved These People’s Lives

9/11 Survivor Stories That Will Totally Inspire You


News of the Weird and Wonderful

Former Australian pro catches football dropped from 727.98 feet

‘Diamond rain’ on giant icy planets could be more common than previously thought

Brazilian man survives 11 days in ocean floating alone in a freezer

Baboons had more SEX when zoos and safari parks were closed during the first lockdown, study reveals

Box of live reptiles delivered to wrong New York address

Squirrel knocks out power to 10,000 customers in Virginia


This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

No ID required to vote, though…

Show ID to Buy Whipped Cream? N.Y. Law Stirs Confusion at Checkout

Killer whales are ‘attacking’ sailboats near Europe’s coast. Scientists don’t know why

Error Sees Mom Charged Thousands for Driving 22,369 Miles in Three Days

YouTube removes video by Tesla investors using kids in FSD Beta test

Smelly, potentially toxic dumping in Beaver County has neighbors concerned

700 people were scammed by the promise of citizenship of an invented country in Antarctica

Florida Man

Florida man wearing only apron, boxers and socks breaks into Little Caesars


Is it Racist?


Responsible pet ownership

Bottled water

Book collections

The Rolling Stones

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