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mpered For Years

Welcome to the show.

The Ooga Booga Bug still has us by the, uh, throats, but that won’t stop us from giving you another evening of high-quality entertainment! Welcome to CounterCutureWISE


Current Events

Puerto Rico is 100% without power as Hurricane Fiona touches down


The assault on Martha’s Vineyard continues

Martha’s Vineyard Residents Begged for Mass Immigration Until Migrant Flights Arrived: ‘They Have to Move’


Alan Alda, Mike Farrell mark 50th anniversary of ‘MASH’

News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful –

‘Unpatriotic’ raccoons repeatedly invade official’s home, poop on flag


Google mistakenly deposits $249,999 into security expert’s account


Why one Alabama town erects monuments to the boll weevil


Bear wanders onto Colorado State University campus, climbs tree


Arizona shop’s 266 milkshake flavors earn Guinness World Record

More wonderful than weird:

A Virginia man thought he won $600 on a scratch-off. When he went to cash it in officials told him it was actually $1 million.


Golden retriever missing for 3 months found by Colorado officers doing drone training


I like this sheriff

Brevard sheriff slams accused animal abuser


Missing cat returns home, rings doorbell in New York

The Meanderthals

A classic from thr vaults.

Welcome to the New World Order

Gavin Newsom Signs California Social Media Censorship Bill into Law


Facebook Bans Holocaust Film for Violating Race Policy


Biden Administration Claims It Has Taken ‘Unprecedented Action’ to Secure Border


This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Man Lost in Colorado Wilderness Nearly Left Behind by Rescue Helicopter After Searchers Mistake Distress Calls for ‘Hello’

News of the Wonderfuller


Jeep Brings World’s Largest Rubber Duck To Detroit Auto Show To Celebrate ‘Ducking’ Movement


If you’ve never seen this, you owe it to yourself:

The Bit with the Ducks (James Veitch is a terrible roommate)


Officers Discovered A Noise Complaint Was A Girl Celebrating Her Quinceañera. So, They Helped Her Celebrate


Denver airport has the world’s largest animal therapy program


Florida Man

Florida Man Charged With Stealing Nearly $200K From A Local McDonald’s


Florida Man Takes Date On Police Chase


Florida man arrested after toddlers found wandering half-naked in Walmart parking lot


Florida man to pay $128 million in health care fraud guilty plea


End Note:

Safari Park Worker is Best Friends With Lion That He’s Cuddled and Pa

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