Like Cats and Dogs

Jim’s New Gig

This week, Jim is beginning a new career as a trainee fior Christian Care Ministry, the nation’s largest health care sharing community. We will be talking more about the benefits of this plan in the coming weeks. For now, we’re just celebrating Jim finding a career path that matches his strengths, and gives him an opportunity to share his faith.


Current Events


Canadian high school defends transgender teacher who wore enormous prosthetic breasts underneath tight T-shirt to class

Rolling Stone, of course, sees killing the kid as a wonderful thing. We need to talk about this.

She Wanted An Abortion. Now The Embryo Is Suing Her Doctors

Billionaire bunkers: How the world’s wealthiest are paying to escape reality

News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful: Animal Rescue Edition

Deer rescued from mesh hammock in the Florida Keys

Bald eagle rescued after truck collision on New York highway

Alligator floats along the lazy river at Illinois water park

Horse rescued from owner’s backyard pool in California

Seal leaves Massachusetts pond after about a week

Deputies wrangle loose emu wandering near North Carolina road

More wonderful than weird:

Actually, why are we waiting for an excuse to use this?

Climate change could bring back wind as the future power source for ocean cargo ships

The Internet Reacts To A Hilarious Photo Of A Cat Standing Up

Top 10 Childish Things Grown Men Still Do — And Still Enjoy Doing


She’s So Phrytzie!

CCW’s Sweetheart helps train the new puppy…sort of.


Welcome to the New World Order

A Tesla owner says he was locked out of his electric car after the battery died — an issue that he says would cost over $20,000 to fix

An Anti-ESG Activist Investor Presses for Changes at Apple and Disney

Staff Of Aeroflot & Other Russian Airlines Receive Conscription Notices

Nuclear War ‘Already a Given’ Says Russian TV: ‘Everyone Will Be Destroyed’

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Notorious Rikers Island NYC lockup seeing ‘all-time-high’ number of drugs smuggled in by mail: ‘Major problem’

A Federal Judge Has Ordered the Release of More Than 100 Patients From the State’s Locked Psychiatric Hospital. No One Is Sure What Happens Next.

This is actually hilarious. The left literally doesn’t want what it wants and will burn down cities to not get what they demand.

Atlanta wants to build a massive police training facility in a forest. Neighbors are fighting to stop it

Man pleads guilty to dousing ‘Bewitched’ statue in red paint

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

Joe is a creeper, Stacey’s a *BLEEP*er, Recharging your car in the UK will make you a weeper.


News of the Wonderfuller

A Boy With Cancer Asked To See Monsters. 1,000 People Showed Up In Costumes

Three of their four kids are losing their vision. So, they’re going on a year-long world tour to make visual memories, before it’s too late

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