It’s Only WWIII — Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!


Seismologists suspect explosions damaged undersea pipelines that carry Russian gas

Nord Stream pipeline leaks prompt investigations, recall Biden’s threats to ‘bring an end’ to Nordstream 2 if Russia invades Ukraine

Sabotage suspected after unexplained leaks found on major Russian gas pipelines

Biden Threatens to End Nord Stream 2 If Russia Invades Ukraine



Patrol spots Chinese, Russian naval ships off Alaska island


House January 6 committee postpones public hearing because of hurricane


Iran summons UK envoy amid anti-government protests

Why Iranian women are burning their hijabs after the death of Mahsa Amini


‘She was 12, I was 30’: Biden leaves viewers stunned in teachers speech


Stacey Abrams Claims Fetal Heartbeats Don’t Exist, Were ‘Manufactured’ by Men to ‘Control’ Women

Why Stacey Abrams still won’t concede


California Bans Sale of Natural Gas Heaters by 2030



Electric car chargepoint operator Osprey ups rates to record £1 per kWh making it pricier than fuelling a petrol model



Biden team worked with social media companies to censor content, records show

Antivaxxers Are Using the Carrot Emoji to Disguise Talking About the Jab

Facebook shuts down 100,000-member group for using carrot emoji to refer to covid vaccines, because no discussion of vaccine injuries shall be allowed

What is the origin of the Christian fish symbol?

Lessons Learned From The French Underground


Trump’s 1776 Commission Is A White Supremacist’s Revisionist Dream


FBI Whistleblower Claims Bureau Exaggerated Domestic Terrorism Threat, Harassed Jan. 6th Trump Supporters

FBI misled judge who signed warrant for Beverly Hills seizure of $86 million in cash



Congressional Republicans Demand Mayorkas Release Report on Venezuelan Convicts Crossing the Border



Biden Effort to Combat Hunger Marks ‘a Profound Change’


For CCW News, this has been Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening.

I’m Chuck U. Farley.

Good night, and may God help us.

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