The Red Tide

Welcome to the show.

The Red Wave turned out to be nothinbg but a minor red blotch. We have Nick Pierce back for the second week in a row to discuss that, and so much more!

RIP Kevin Conroy-the ultimate Batman

RIP Gallagher


Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

More real stories that will make you really ticked.

News of the Weird and Wonderful

…but are they, really?

Most UFOs are ‘Chinese surveillance’ drones and ‘airborne clutter,’ Pentagon officials reveal


“Emergency” landing in Bilbao to let passengers go to the toilets


Meme Artist Builds 3,000-Pound Concrete Tomb To Store Bag Of Cheetos For ‘future Civilizations’


Man Breaks Guinness World Record For Wearing The Most Lanyards Around His Neck


Florida Man


Florida man stole truck, attempted to break into military base to warn of fight between aliens and dragons


Safety Harbor restaurant owner is world champion pizza acrobat


Bandit Busted For Finger Gun Bank Heist


Drugs are bad…mmmkay…


Miami man accused of attempted murder after ramming car into Orlando-area home


‘Irate’ Florida man intentionally hits man with his Porsche after argument, deputies say


Florida Man Busted For Faking ‘Irish’ Nationality To Commit Fraud


Pasco County man built, sold homemade pipe bomb to undercover detective


News of the Wonderfuller

He lost his legs after falling onto subway tracks. Now he’s preparing for the New York City Marathon: “Bring it on”

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