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Jimi Hendrix’ 80th birthday

Libs still ree over free speech

Alyssa Milano blasted by conservatives, Elon Musk after trading in Tesla for Volkswagen: ‘Founded by Nazis’

News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

Max sent this one,,,

Stowaway cat

Will you still need me…

Beatles cassette returned to Texas library was 44 years overdue

Overreact, much?

Dog that ‘sheds a lot’ causes woman to bolt from her family’s Thanksgiving dinner: Reddit users weigh in

More wonderful than weird:


Many Shoppers Can’t Find Apple’s Latest IPhones On Black Friday

Uh…aren’t ALL fire departments supposed to have dogs?

Cosmo the black lab serves as Durham Fire Department’s emotional support animal


Al Roker Released From Hospital After Missing His First Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 27 Years

Wine of the Week returns!

Wine with heart!


Not only is DRG Wine with Heart delicious, but the proceeds go to heart disease resarch, a subject that hoits a bit close to home.  Available from Nakedwines,coinm. (Please click on this link on our site to get started on a valuable investment, and save on some of the best wines around.)

Welcome to the New Abnormal

They’re literally defending an invasive, man-eating species. You know, like Democrats

Thousands of Florida’s ‘nuisance alligators’ are killed each year. Is it necessary?

Color us surprised…

Two More Child Sex Offenders Arrested in One Day After Crossing Border into Texas

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Apple Watch saves life of woman buried alive by her husband

Missouri snake show ‘Venom Fest’ shut down after cobra disappears

Just another everyday story…

Rail disruption due to trampoline on track near Worthing

People of Walmart

Woman Cops To Meat Beating At Ohio Walmart


Food sanitation company accused of employing at least 31 children on graveyard shifts in slaughterhouses

Can’t we throw out cases for pettiness?

Supreme Court takes Jack Daniel’s case against dog toy maker

News of the Wonderfuller

A Miracle indeed…

A 10-year-old named Miracle helped her mom deliver a baby at home. She remained calm the whole time.

Utah Man Jumps Into Icy River to Save Woman Attempting Suicide at the Same Spot Where he First Dated His Wife

Lyft drivers spread the Gospel with ride-hailing ministries

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