Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening – Foreign Exchange Edition, December, 2022


Nine-month Project Veritas investigation with HHS whistleblower reveals how White House is participating in human trafficking, child prostitution

Biden strikes deal to free Brittney Griner from Russian custody

Kamala Harris’ A.G. Office Tried to Keep Inmates Locked Up for Cheap Labor

Federal judges order California to expand prison releases


Why ‘Union Joe’ Chose to Make it Illegal for Rail Workers to Strike

FAIR: Lunch Bucket Joe is Long Gone: Biden Betrays American Workers during Ongoing Economic Crisis



Ex-Miami US Rep. David Rivera arrested in Venezuela probe


Tim Cook tows the Beijing line




Trudeau Criticized for Supporting China Protest After Canada COVID Unrest

Justin Trudeau Said He Admired China’s Dictatorship



Did Putin Really Fall And Soil Himself? Here Are Claims About His Health

Years after Salt Lake City scandal, French judge finds peace

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