Special Guest: Naresh Vissa (whole podcast)


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Tonight, we interview a best-selling author, talk about weird and wondersul stuff, and so much more!


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

Saitama man arrested for calling police 2,060 times in 9 days to yell at them

More wonderful than weird:

About effing time!!

Arizona Town To Pay $8 Million to Widow of Daniel Shaver


13 stranded strangers went on a road trip. Here’s what happened


As racist as this is, wouldn’t it be wonderful if they put Planned Parenthood out of business?

CA gives black pregnant women $1,000 a month for a year


‘Happiest Man on Earth’ makes Christmas magic helping Windermere community


Interview with Naresh Vissa

Tonight’s interview guest is a media entrepreneur, marketing consultant, sales strategist, and the bestselling author of TRUMPBOOK: How Digital Liberals Silenced A Nation Into Making America Hate Again, he is the founder Founder & CEO of Krish Media & Marketing. He also hosts The Work From Home Show.


News of the Wonderfuller

Brooklyn Center liquor store employee gives her shoes to man walking with boxes on his feet

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