2023-01-31 Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening


LA, nationwide protests continue in demanding justice for Tyre Nichols

Black cops killed Tyre Nichols. Systemic racism is the death of us all.

Who was Rodney King? His 1991 beating by L.A. police roiled America.



Disinformation from Schiff, media damaged America







Netflix loses ~70% of its value in just 6 months

Netflix to ban 100,000 users

Netflix crackdown could ban up to 100 million accounts




Teacher fired for racy OnlyFans content filmed in school washroom

Hairy OnlyFans teacher sacked after leaked ‘naughty at work’ pic was taken in school loo



M&M’s switch to Ma&Ya’s is branding genius




Project Veritas got footage from a Pfizer exec bragging about their role in gain of function experiments with viruses which they would then inject into monkeys in order to spread it worldwide so they could make more money with their magical cures. Of course, we already knew they were doing this with China’s help and Fauci’s financing. When confronted, the prideful suspect declared that he was only lying on a third date, locked the doors, and proceeded to attack the camera crew like a manufactured virus infected test monkey would do.

Project Veritas taunts Pfizer with LED truck parked outside drug maker’s NYC office following latest sting




If plants are so intelligent, should we stop eating them?

Is Eating Plants Wrong?

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