It’s OK to be Orange

News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful


Unpublished JFK photo from day of assassination found in thrift store CD case

Man with world’s longest tongue uses it to paint

New bench at Artis zoo made from elephant dung


Definitely not big enough to live in…

Experts baffled by mysterious yellow ‘mini-sub’ that washed up on a beach

‘I’m a cheapskate genius’


When an actual study reads like satire

On-Demand Male Contraceptive Shows Promise in Preclinical Study

More wonderful than weird:

Across his beloved children’s books, hundreds of the author’s words have been changed or entirely removed in a bid for ‘relevancy’

Penguin to publish ‘classic’ Roald Dahl books after backlash

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Scott Adams controversy

Man dressed as 7ft penis is arrested for harassing women

Man charged after eating stolen chips dropped by thief, police say


Part two of a three-part series with Naresh: What about masks?

News of the Wonderfuller

Baking helped Janie Deegan as she recovered from addiction. Now, she’s using her bakery to help others with an “open door hiring policy”

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