Remember the Alamo!




Welcome to the show.

We have just returned from our 10-year anniversary celebration to bring you more great stuff! We wrap up out 3 oparrt interview with BNaresh Vissa, present Lori Lightfoot’s concession speech. and so much more!

News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful
Holy anointing oil for King Charles III’s coronation will not contain the intestinal wax of sperm whales or civet secretions


More wonderful than weird:
Boy Raises Money For Waffle House Waiter Who Walks To Work And Is Living In A Motel With His Family


Naresh Vissa, Pert 3

Part 3 of our eye-opening discussion about COVID. Perepare to be surprised…and maybe a bit angry.


Lori Lightfoot’s Concession Speech

Beetlejuice will be out of a job soon. She holds nothing back.



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