Timeshare Nightmares

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Goodbye Robert Blake, Chaim Topol, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature bank


Marines Prep for Ambush Operations Against China


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

‘Bamboozled’ carjackers end up empty-handed after trying to take Houston man’s car at gunpoint

Minnesota father allegedly uses moose antler, shovel to fatally beat man he suspected of abusing children, police say


More wonderful than weird: 

Lovebirds Tie the Knot in Their 80s After Meeting on a Dating Website


This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Daylight Dip*** Time

Ford applies for patent that allows cars to self-repossess

Humming vibrator in Pacifica apartment tower sent 25 residents ‘insane’

Guy Embezzles Cool $9 Million From Poop-to-Energy Ponzi Scheme

Woman driving with bad brakes sentenced for killing Pa. firefighter in crash

‘Horrifying’ flight diverted as some passengers vomit in 9-hour ordeal, travelers say

White Portland Antifa members get black security fired from grocery store, claiming he’s a white supremacist

NPR puff piece on Atlanta leftist gunman revealed to be written by Antifa supporter


Time Share Nightmares

Takes of Modern Horror-based on a true story (see below)


Timeshare Nightmares: Don’t Let This Happen to You | Kiplinger

Couple Recounts Their Timeshare Nightmare As A Warning To Vacationers – CBS Los Angeles

Timeshare Nightmares: 3 Cautionary Tales – Primo Management Group

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