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Trump holds rally in Waco

Naughty, naughty…

Biden Family Members Received $1 Million in Chinese Funds through Hunter Biden Associate

The Story of Joe

No lie!

Holy Crap!

Chuck gets pissed off near the end. Listen in!


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

Rugby Player Feigns Injury During Match to Surprise Girlfriend with Marriage Proposal (Watch)

Renovation Unearths Paintings Behind Kitchen Walls Nearly 400-Years-old


More wonderful than weird

This week

Drink Up: Coffee Won’t Affect Your Heart Rhythms

2022 study

Drinking coffee could benefit your heart and help you live longer, research finds

Great intention, but The Ginger has questions…

North Carolina Church Raises Thousands to Pay Off Cafeteria Lunch Debt For Every County School


New UBC water treatment zaps ‘forever chemicals’ for good

Indian Startup Uses Rice Crop Waste to Make Biodegradable Foam Packaging–Instead of Burning it

More Efficient Way to Suck Up CO2 From Air By Storing it in Baking Soda and Water

Scientists discover an enzyme that turns air into electricity, providing a new clean source of energy


Cat survives 6 days trapped in gas explosion rubble

Poetry Corner

Wolf is back with a left-wing attack.

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things


Student group sues after Texas university cancels drag show


North Carolina teacher resigns after taping sixth-grader’s mouth as punishment

What the Frick?

TV news anchor taken off air after quoting Snoop Dogg during broadcast


News of the Wonderfuller

One of the best-written stories ever read on our show.

College Wrestler Scores ‘Quadruple Leg’ Takedown Against a Grizzly Bear to Save a Friend

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