Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — Inclusivity Edition, April 30, 2023


China to send special envoy to Ukraine after Xi Jinping holds phone call with Zelensky

China’s imports of Russian crude oil hit record high

Hunter Biden grand jury witness was asked who is the ‘big guy’ in Chinese deal



Trudeau says he didn’t force anyone to get vaccinated, all the incentives were there to ‘encourage Canadians’

Fauci Nearing Retirement: Doc Denies Responsibility For Covid Lockdowns

Are Canadians being driven to assisted suicide by poverty or healthcare crisis?



Mattel’s first transgender Barbie designed after Laverne Cox

Mattel unveils its first Barbie doll with Down syndrome



Brides Today India accused of ‘erasing women’ with bearded, nonbinary cover model Alok

Alok Vaid-Menon on inclusivity, representation, and the importance of marriage equality


Influencer Steven Crowder caught berating pregnant wife for not doing ‘wifely duties’



Florida Senate passes drag show bill: What we know about the law

Florida gay pride parade canceled after anti-drag show law passes


A Bottomless Pinocchio for Biden — and other recent gaffes

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