Rights On


God Save the King (yawn), The White Black Woman doesn’t attend (yawn).Grim Reaper appears (Cool!)


RIP Gordon Lightfoot


Happy 35th Anniversary to Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson


Allen Mall shooter identified as white supremacist, even though he is Hispanic and has no known political affiliation


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful


British zoo seeks ‘outgoing’ worker to wear big bird costume, scare seagulls

Tiny troubles: Toddler infiltrates White House grounds

Black Bear Breaks Into Woman’s Car, Guzzles 69 Cans Of Soda

More wonderful than weird




Teen Saves Baby After Car On Fire Crashes Into Bus

World’s Tallest ‘Hempcrete’ Building in South Africa Captures More Carbon than it Emits


This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things


Americans caught smuggling 375 pounds of Fruit Roll-Ups into Israel. TikTok is blamed

Woman charged with faking her own abduction to hide fact that she dropped out of college, state police say

Mom Sends Son, 3, to School with Pringles — Then Unenrolled Him After Being ‘Snack-Shamed’

A Philly charter school manipulated its lottery to keep kids out, a top administrator says


Well. THERE’S one housekeeper who won’t be getting a tip.

He smelled something strange in his Tibetan hotel room. It was a dead body under his bed


Holy Crap!

Chuck gives us more reasons to shake our heads.

News of the Wonderfuller

This mom posted about wanting to find friends for her 24-year-old son with Down syndrome. The overwhelming support shocked her.

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