We Got Him Now!

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For the umpteenth time, The Donald has gotten in legal trouble for things his prosecutores and persecutors did. What is it this time? Plus, Dopey Joe coins a new term for transgenders, Chuck gives us the straight crap, and much more.


“We’ve got him THIS time!”

Trump faces US criminal charges for mishandling documents, obstruction


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

Family finds unknown crawl space in California home — with 1 million pennies inside


Las Vegas family claims to see aliens after several report something falling from sky


This is a thing?

Oklahoma Democrats have stamped their last rooster


More wonderful than weird

Officer saves kidnapped woman who mouthed ‘help me’ during traffic stop


Cassava flour and fruit kept 4 children alive for 40 days after plane crash in Colombia’s jungle


Slumlord University

Its electric…boogie woogie woogie!

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

New York City outlaws discrimination on the basis of weight, height


A TxDOT commissioner resigned in 2018. He continued drawing pay for five years.

Holy Crap!

Chuck brings us more head-shakers.

Welcome to the New Abnormal

Biden Calls Gay & ‘Transjester’ Americans the ‘Bravest and Most Inspiring People I’ve Ever Known’ at WH Pride Event


Speaking of transjesters…

Trans-Identified Male Places First In Women’s Category At Belgian Waffle Ride North Carolina


Flashback: Moderna Knew mRNA Vaccine Technology Was Dangerous Before COVID Crisis Began


News of the Wonderfuller

Mom Tips Waitress $1000 In A Random Act Of Kindness To Honor Her Late Son


Dog takes heroic walk to freedom after surviving a bullet in robbery gone wrong

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