Sound of Freedom

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Tonight we discuss the hit indie film SOUND OF FREEDOM. We also discuss weird stuff from around the world (Urine flasks?), Chuck gives us some more head-shakers, and Florida Man makes an appearance.


The Sound of Freedom our reactions & pay it forward


Nonsensical garbage (to be read by Melanie)

Sound of Freedom: the QAnon-adjacent thriller seducing America


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful


Maine woman punches bear that chased her dog and ends up with stitches


Mysterious flying creature keeps pounding on Okla. family’s back door


Archaeologists Unearth Renaissance-Era Urine Flasks At Caesar’s Forum In Rome

More wonderful than weird

Tracy Chapman Just Made Country Music History…Because a White Man Covered ‘Fast Car’


Nevada license plate that’s short for ‘Go back to California’ is revoked by DMV


Holy Crap

Coke (not the soda) at the White House, Virginity as a dangerous social construct, and so much more to ponder as the USA continues its decline.

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things


Former NYC Leftist Mayor Bill De Blasio Splitting From Wife, Who Identified As Lesbian


US congressional Democrats raise concerns on cluster bombs for Ukraine


Man who carved names into Rome’s Colosseum writes apology letter and says he ‘didn’t know it was old’


Ben & Jerry’s is accused of hypocrisy for calling on the US to hand over all ‘stolen indigenous land’


Welcome to the New Abnormal


Gaslighting via headline:

Boy left unclothed after Burgess Hill sexual assault by two women


Thumbs down

Texting thumbs-up emoji in response to a question costs Sask. farmer $82K in contract case


Janet Yelln bows repeatedly for Chinese official. They don’t do bowing in China, that’s Japan. What is she doing? And why are we prostrating ourselves to commies? Why is she even there?

Janet Yellen made two diplomatic mistakes Saturday


Tucker Says Capitol Police Chief Told Him Jan. 6 Crowd Was ‘Filled’ With Feds

News of the Wonderfuller

Firefighter who adopted baby he found in Safe Haven Baby Box appears on TODAY


WWII Veteran Returns For a Dance in Club Where he Met His Wife 74 Years Ago 


Florida Man

Mobile Meth lab discovered at Florida Welcome Center


3 Miami TSA officers accused of stealing from airport passengers during screenings

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