Double Rant

Welcome to the show.

Two rants for the price of one this fine evening

Intro-Los Rantos

Melanie-BOOMERS (Retire already.)

Jim-SAG-AFTRA (I fully support the strike! Damned if I’m gonna let studios use actors images using AI and not compensate us. 2% of these execs’ salaries would pay for everything the union is asking for.)


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

Toronto Zoo urges guests to help limit screen time for gorillas


Woman treats herself to John Deere tractor for 97th birthday


Potentially Unlimited Supply – Scientists Grow Meat From Immortal Stem Cells


The latest legacy of Canada’s wildfire smoke? Wisconsin’s new beer-and-burger pairing


Proof the world’s gone insane

Tacoma ranked one of 5 best places to live


More wonderful than weird

What’s with all the quoty marks?

A ‘deadheading’ pilot stepped in to land a plane after the first officer became ‘incapacitated’


70-year-old Tacoma sprinter and coach return from National Senior Games with gold


Holy Crap

Hollywood Strikes, Ray Epps finally facing justice, and Biden’s latest BS…Chuck has his hands full.

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Started as a Weird and Wonderful, but turned into a not nice things

Pickles, beloved stray cat at Florida Publix, taken by tourists, returned


Scantily clad women caught on camera brawling at luxurious Vegas hotel


New York man fights one-legged man, strips naked, dances on top of poker table


Man illegally lands helicopter in Grand Teton National Park, then picnics


Retired detective dies of heart attack outside his home — so his companion allegedly seizes the opportunity to rob him


Welcome to the New Abnormal

Georgia mayor arrested on burglary and trespassing charges

Georgia mayor held at gunpoint after being accused of breaking into lake house: ‘Do you know who the f–k I am?’


The next time you think of how vile the US was for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, think about this, too. Japan needs to apologize

Comfort women: Last of Japan’s WW2 sex slaves sing ‘forget us not’


News of the Wonderfuller

2 teens who dated in the 1950s lost touch. They reignited their romance 63 years later.

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