Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — 90 seconds to midnight Edition, July 17, 2023


The big news this week is that Hollywood actors have joined the writers’ strike that everyone else forgot about. Their main beef is that artificial intelligence may very well take over all their jobs, as Hollywood does not contain any real intelligence. The artificial artists at Apple, Netflix, Disney and other government-supported mega corps don’t understand why real artists don’t want their work and likenesses copy-and-pasted for free, because there are definitely thousands more completely fresh remakes with race and gender swaps that only real humans can create.

Actors’ Strike Shuts Down Major Hollywood Studios 



In less important news that even fewer people care about, or not enough to actually report on, anyway, King Brandon quietly bypassed Congress and executive-ordered World War 3, starting with mobilizing another 3,000 US troops to help in Ukraine, bringing the total up to over 100,000. No, I am not making up that number.

After his former boss handed over Crimea, Biden has since been champing at the bit to go to war with ol’ Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin, and he’s not about to let this juicy chance go by.

While stumbling and mumbling through his speech welcoming new NATO member Finland, Biden continued to poke the Russian bear by publicly kissing up to Zelenski and vociferously supporting fast-tracking Ukraine’s membership to NATO, as soon as either peace or global annihilation is achieved, whichever comes first.

President Biden authorizes call-up of 3,000 reserve troops in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve

Biden authorizes military to order up reservists for active duty in Europe

Biden proclaims NATO alliance ‘more united than ever’ as he celebrates new member Finland

Biden is closing out his Europe trip by showcasing new NATO member Finland



Speaking of juicy opportunities, Israel professor and think-tank leader, Dr. Gal Luft, had to go into hiding in 2019 after turning over massive amounts of evidence to US authorities that the Biden family not only received bribes from, but were heavily involved with the Chinese military.

Now that he has agreed to testify to the House Oversight Committee, lefties say that his allegations of Biden’s treasonous actions in China are totally debunked, because…

…Biden’s Department of Justice immediately indicted the whistleblower for being a Chinese spy.


‘Missing’ Biden corruption case witness Dr. Gal Luft details allegations against president’s family in extraordinary video

Gal Luft accused of providing FBI with information on Hunter Biden charged with acting as unregistered agent of China

Not Weaponized? Biden DOJ Indicts Whistleblower Prepared To Testify Against 1st Family




Continuing on the topic of misplaced justice, Ray Epps, the obvious Fed who — on video — ordered people to invade the Capitol both on January 5th and 6th, and is literally the ONLY person who wasn’t called an insurrectionist by the lapdog press, is suing Fox News. Why, you ask? While many of the lost Boomers and grannies who wandered through open doors into their own capitol are still rotting in prison , Epps is finally facing possible charges for his crimes. Since he got away with it for so long, it’s obviously Tucker Carlson’s fault.

Ray Epps Just Sued Fox News

Epps suit



San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit system has announced that since the entire state of California views crime as a tourist attraction, it will no longer release surveillance footage of violent crimes committed on public transportation, and not just because the wholly corrupt court system wouldn’t do anything with the evidence, anyway.

According to the organization’s spokes clown, and yes this is an actual quote that I swear I am not making up, QUOTE “To release these videos would create a high level of racially insensitive commentary toward the district, and in addition it would create a racial bias in the riders against minorities on the trains.” END QUOTE

Any sane person knows that it is ridiculous to discriminate based on a person’s race, as only their character and humanity should be taken into account, so experts suggest just avoiding California as a whole.

BART Withholding Surveillance Videos Of Crime To Avoid ‘Stereotypes’



The city of Evanston, Illinois — a suburb of Chicago — has begun paying  $25,000 reparations to each of the 140 eligible black residents. Nearly all of the recipients have said they will use the money to get the hell out of Illinois.

Chicago suburb pays discrimination reparations to Black residents



Vice-diversity installation Kamala Harris tried to make her boss look better by chiming in with more gaffes than even he mustered this week. In an epic Freudian slip, she said that we must “reduce population” to fight climate change, then laughed maniacally. Since her hyena-like outbursts are normal, it’s still up to debate as to whether she really meant it. Perhaps she’ll explain it more clearly in a Venn diagram.

Kamala Harris says US must ‘reduce population’ to fight climate change in latest gaffe

Kamala Harris’s mistake-filled week continues with call to ‘reduce population’

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