Cocaine and Sharks – yet still Nothin’

Welcome to the show.

Cocaine Sharks, Texas Death Fleas, Exploding Cider Bottles…Nothing to see here, folks!

All that, plus, news of the weird, wonderful, and new abnormal.


Happy Shark Week!!

Tony Bennet

Door dash

Jim’s officially a Texan!


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

In-N-Out bans employees from wearing masks


Oh, Florida Man!

Experts say ‘cocaine sharks’ may be feasting on drugs dumped off Florida


‘Facekinis’ become popular in China as temperatures soar



Shock Twist at Columbus Zoo as ‘Male’ Gorilla Gives Birth to Surprise Baby Girl

More wonderful than weird

Mythical City of Underground Labyrinths Found Beneath Altar of 15th Century Church in Mexico


Fracking enables record power and flow rates for geothermal pilot project


From Max:

Missing for three weeks, Northern Colorado family finds cat 170 miles away in Colorado Springs


Cat and dog meat market ends, finally

Holy Crap

Basement Dweller Edition

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

What the hell kind of flea do we have here??

Texas man, 35, has both hands and parts of his feet amputated after catching typhus from a FLEA and nearly dying from septic shock, gangrene and organ failure


Jeremy Clarkson warns some of his cider bottles could explode


Blusterpiece Theatre

Brandon-King of the USA, Episode One, with Joe Bifen and Max

Welcome to the New Abnormal

Massive protests take place against mob assaults on women in India’s remote northeastern state


‘EWOK VILLAGE’ homeless encampment appears in trees high above Seattle


News of the Wonderfuller

Monastery Adopts Adorable Stray Dog Who Now Lives Like a Friar


She Saved A Man’s Life. 6 Years Later, She Saved His Daughter’s Life

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