Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — Basement Dweller Edition, July 23, 2023

That’s right folks, it’s 2020 on rinse, lather, repeat. Sharks on coke. No…seriously. Is Rand Paul Batman? He seems to be able to survive anything. Cluster bombs; they’re not just for third-world countries anymore. Oops, he won’t do it again. Black lives apparently are the only ones who riot. FOX shows their true colors, not that we didn’t see THAT a mile away.


Written by Mélanie Hope / Performed by James Moniz

Audio/Video editing by StormKatt Productions



Biden re-election campaign HQ will be based in Delaware



Experts say ‘cocaine sharks’ may be feasting on drugs dumped off Florida



Senators Continue Efforts to Return War Powers to Congress

Fire damages building that houses office of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul



Journalist’s death prompts Russian outrage over Ukraine’s alleged use of cluster bombs



American detained in North Korea after crossing the border was a US soldier, officials tell AP

Family of soldier detained in North Korea speaks out



Jason Aldean’s ‘Try This in a Small Town’ is shameful. Naturally, it’s the right’s song of the summer



Fox News matches employee contributions to Satanic Temple, Planned Parenthood

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