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Melanie reviews the new Barbie film and sings her version of a Sting classic, Max interviews a couple of Senatorial Methusalahs, and Chuck returns with more craziness from DC and elsewhere.


Sinead O’Connor– The acclaimed Irish singer/songwriter passed last week atr age 56. As famous for her activism as for her uniqyue and beautiful voice. Vefore the Catholic Church’s child abuse scandal was frint page news, she famously tore a photo of the Pope in half to protest. It essentially destroyed her career.

Randy Meisner-The talented singer, songwriter, and bassist died last week at 77. A co-founder of both Poco and Eagles, he was best known for singing lead on Take It to the Limit (Jim’s favorite Eagles song). After lving Eagles, he embarked on a solo career and did session work with nuerous artisits.

Barbie-Melanie reviews this move, so you don’t have to watch it. One of the few woke movies out of Hollywood to be a financaI success, it has a contadictory and harmful message, but the little girls won’t care.


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

…or just scary…

Indestructible Terminator-style killer robots move one step closer to reality as scientists discover self-healing metals


Federal government struggling to get rid of millions of extra COVID-19 rapid tests

More wonderful than weird

Puppies Left to Die in Texas Dumpster Get New Chance at Life in Viral Clip

Puppy Dumped at Texas Gas Station Amid Heat Wave Breaks Hearts: ‘So Wrong’

Interviews to the Max

Max speaks with Mitch McConnell and Dianne Feinstein. How well do you think this goes? (As Jim likes to say, Boomers should not be Zoomers.)

Holy Crap

Chuck gives the lowdown on the low down.

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Oil worker says he saved baby moose from a bear in Canada — and it got him fired

I blame Beverly Hills 90120 for getting ppl used to the idea of 30-year-old highschoolers

26-year-old man arrested for sex trafficking after allegedly posing as 17-year-old at 2 Lincoln high schools

Contractors go to wrong address, tear up roof of house

Firefighter charged with arson after confessing to setting multiple fires in Arizona, sheriff’s office says

Lancaster man charged after stealing three cakes with his face printed on them, police say

Major delays caused on eastbound Bay Bridge after naked driver gets out of car, fires gun

Melanie Sings!

The renowned singer does her send up of Sting’s classic song “Russians.”

Florida Man

Florida man upset about break-up shot by deputies after setting ex-girlfriend’s home on fire: HCSO

Hialeah man had videos of baby sex abuse, tried to entice girls online

Shocking moment 63-year-old man is brutally attacked inside Florida movie theater after asking couple to move out of his pre-booked VIP seat

Miami woman, 18, arrested after allegedly trying to hire hitman to kill her 3-year-old son, police say

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ForRealz Bank intoduces their new and exclusive messaging app.

News of the Wonderfuller

She was diagnosed with cancer two months after she met her boyfriend. Her doctors saw their love story unfold – then played a role in their wedding

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