Traitor Joe’s

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With each passing day, Joe Biden has been revealed as more of a traitor. Our new sponsor addresses this head on. We also have Weird, Wonderful, and Wonderfuller, Nice Things, and New Abnormal.


Prayers for Maui

A musical legend passes…Robbie Robertson

RIP William Friedkin

News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful


Zoom calls employees back to office


Another cosmic question.

NASA telescope spots cosmic question mark in deep space


More wonderful than weird

Apologize already, you idiots!

Anheuser-Busch is selling EIGHT brands after losing $27 BILLION in market value


Need some cream for that burn?

Veteran Seattle Cop Signs Off After 23 Years, Instead of Routine Exit Form She Files a Brutal 15-Page Resignation Letter


This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Noyt one person involved in this has a shred of sanity.

Woman, accused of burglary, shot after police say she released dogs that attacked Seattle neighbors


Yo quiero mas carne

Taco Bell sued for false advertising over skimpy fillings


What’s the rush?

Virginia police chase involving stolen ambulance results in a dozen crashes


Welcome to the New Abnormal


How the living Christ can you create a vaccine for a nonexistent virus?

UK scientists have begun developing vaccines as an insurance against a new pandemic caused by an unknown “Disease X”.

Sponsored by Coca Cola

Best Buy, McKinsey partner to develop diverse leaders

In unrelated news:

Best Buy still dealing with profit declines and sales dips

Come to California. Satan’s Waitin’.

Gov. Newsom signs controversial bill into law reducing penalties for sexual relations with minors


As reported by WTRF, but they need to remove the “R.”

Trans woman sues ex for return of her testicles kept in fridge

Great dude

Ferndale suspect had knife in Christmas day assault


News of the Wonderfuller

It’s International Cat Day. Here are 10 inspiring feline stories to celebrate.

He worried about providing for his family when he went blind. Now he’s got a whole new career

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