Naresh Vissa – Why Vivek will be the next president

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Tonight we get to rap with our in-house live guest and good, good friend Nick Pierce! We also have the first of two  interviews with returning guest Naresh Vissa , where we discuss why Vivek Naraswamy is America’s best hope for our next President.


Nick is back!


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

Native American Guardians Association Threatens To ‘Bud Light’ The NFL’s Commanders If They Don’t Change Name Back To Redskins


More wonderful than weird

Judge rules Nevada man can keep ‘GOBK2CA’ license plate


This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Texas School District Threatens to Seize 79-Year-Old Man’s Home for Stadium Parking Lot


Holy Crap!

Same old Joe, new stupidity. Chuck gives us more

Interview: Naresh Vissa

Naresh returned to our show to discuss two very important issues: The stranglehold China has on our government oand our economy, and why Vicek is going to ber our next president. This week we will be playing the discussion on Vivek. Will he persuade us? Find Out! (The China discussion will air at a future time.)

News of the Wonderfuller

A college football player knew his teammate donated plasma to afford school. So, he gave him his scholarship.

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