Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — Democrats are killing it edition, August 20, 2023


The big news this week is the horrific mishandling of Maui’s resources and emergency services that led to a staggering death toll due to entirely preventable wildfires. CCW News sends our heartfelt sorrow for each of the 111 reported victims, the more than 1,000 still missing, and their families.

After spending the first several days lounging on a Delaware beach and answering reporters asking about the devastation with a smile “no comment,” Biden sent a paltry 2.3 million dollars in FEMA aid, which includes seven whole hundred dollars per HOUSEHOLD that lost literally everything. Seven whole hundred! Remember, Ukraine has gotten over 120 BILLION and counting.

Biden is now on his way for another vacation in Lake Tahoe.

Word is, Jill and Joe might actually carve out a few hours from their most recent lake vacation to visit Maui on Monday. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, Hormel Foods has sent 264,000 cans of its famous potted meat, with two more truckfulls coming, along with millions more in cash aid and other relief items. They have also partnered up with Convoy of Hope and local Hawaii retailers to stock up local food banks, fundraise, and help with shelters.

Leave it to Joe Biden to get out-classed by Spam.


Opinion: After ‘no comment,’ Biden’s response to Maui will be key

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Joe Biden to vacation in Lake Tahoe before visiting deadly Maui wildfire damage

Hormel to send Spam, other aid to Maui

Austin-based Hormel Foods to send Spam, other relief to Maui




President Trump has been indicted…yet again. This time, they really, really, super-dooper do got him, for realzies, they are pretty sure. In fact, they are SO sure that the Georgia grand jury’s decision was published before the Georgia grand jury had convened … or were even chosen.

I swear. I am not making this up.

The Democrats have gotten so good at election meddling that they don’t even pretend to blame Russia anymore.

The myriad of charges include then-candidate Trump stating that he would win in 2020. This is, of course, totally prosecutable, as no candidate in the history of the First Amendment or politics in general has ever stated such a preposterous thing. Other felonies they are pursuing include quoting the Constitution, making a phone call to book a hotel room, and calling the VP a wimp.

No, really, I am not making this up.


Judge concludes hearing on Trump grand jury report without a decision – as it happened

Oops! Georgia’s ‘Get-Trump’ Grand Jury Forewoman Accidentally Confirms The Recommended Charges Are Bunk






Meanwhile, Biden’s handlers got mixed up and Tweeted (or X’d, or whatever they’re calling it this week) what was supposed to be a post from Biden himself, but it went on Jean-Luk Diversity Hire’s account by accident. She said, QUOTE “When I ran for President, I made a promise that I would leave no part of the country behind.” END QUOTE

Biden’s handlers then immediately deleted the post, leaving a large part of the country behind to wonder why anyone believes these brain donors have any idea how to use social media, much less run a country.

Karine Jean-Pierre Accidentally Posts Tweet Meant for Biden’s Account




Because trading the Merchant of Death for a barely passable, drug addicted WNBA player wasn’t a bad enough deal, the Child Sniffer in Chief is trying to outdo even himself. Once a proud country that did not negotiate with terrorists, we now have our own domestic terrorists that burn, loot, and murder in their towns with the blessings of the elites ignoring them. Now, the Biden cabal is gearing up to pay a 6 BILLION dollar ransom for five Americans held hostage in Iran.

But don’t worry folks, Tehran pinky-swears that they’ll only use that six billion for <ahem> “humanitarian” reasons, such as food and medicine, and DOUBLE pinky-swear that the US constantly paying any price to get back hostages will in no way incentivize them to hostage harder.


U.S. Reaches Deal With Iran to Free Americans for Jailed Iranians and Funds

The Biden-Iran Hostage Deal

‘We Never Paid Ransom’: Trump Blasts Biden Over Iran Hostage Swap




On the topic of Democrat success stories, the once beautiful emerald city has now hit the top of the list of dystopian hell holes that sane people cannot wait to flee. After the summer of love, which saw entire city blocks taken over by domestic terrorists blessed and ignored by elites, Seattle has been circling the drain — much like a toilet — that is, if anyone in that city could be bothered to actually use a toilet instead of the city’s streets.

Seattle Ranks Number One among U.S. Cities for Residents Considering Leaving Due to Crime




Speaking of coming a long way, baby: a federal court in Texas rejected a lawsuit by the Satanic Temple that argued that the state’s pro-life laws violate its members’ First Amendment rights because abortion is a protected satanic “ritual.”

I swear, I couldn’t make this up.

The anti-Christian activist organization admits their debauchery is typically just on-the-nose stunts, so it’s a good thing our tax dollars are being wasted on frivolous lawfare so that atheists can make headlines.

Federal Court Smacks Down Satanic Temple for ‘Satanic Abortion Ritual’ Lawsuit




In truth is stranger than fiction news, the indigenous Iquito tribe of Peru have reported that their community is being terrorized by “seven-foot-tall aliens.” They describe the beings as “floating” and “bulletproof”, and compared them to the folktale of ”los Pelacaras” — or the Face Peelers.

After a thorough investigation, authorities believe that the invaders are actually illegal gold miners from Colombia and Brazil who are using jet packs to get around.

This is real, folks, this is actually happening.

‘Aliens’ who attacked Peruvian tribe are illegal miners with jetpacks

Flying 7ft-tall ‘alien’ attackers in Peru were actually illegal gold mining gang on JETPACKS





Meanwhile, it turns out that Elon Musk’s platform formerly known as Twitter has been engaging in link shenanigans. Yes, even the poster child for free speech is a censorious elitist like the rest — he’s just not as obvious about it. Since the feather-soft application of a whopping 5-second load delay affected content on Reuters and the New York Times, the government-controlled fake news is big mad. Other sites affected included direct competition like Bluesky, Facebook, and Instagram — all of which engage in rampant, obvious censorship and suspensions, even full user deletions — even of a sitting US president — but those are OK, because it is all one-sided.

The delay has since been lifted, but boy, oh boy, are the Pravda bots pretending they started caring about free speech all of a sudden.


Musk’s X Delays Access to Content on Reuters, NY Times, Social Media Rivals

‘Egregiously Obvious’ That Biden Admin Violated First Amendment Rights, Tech Policy Expert Says

Facebook Oversight Board Upholds Social Network’s Ban of Trump




Joe Biden continues to discredit the mounting evidence that he, as Vice President, was heavily involved with his son’s treasonous extortion rackets in Ukraine and China, even though he himself bragged about it on video. No siree, Joseph R. Biden NEVER, EVER, EVER spoke to his son about any of his business dealings, which took place with the help of Air Force Two and Old Sniffy Joe’s many visits to those countries with his son he didn’t talk to. Nope.

In fact, recently released emails and other documents show that it was actually some guy by the name of Robert L. Peters — aka “Pedo Pete,” as members of old Joe’s family, including his treasonous son, have been known to affectionately call him. Nothing to see here. Move along.


Robert L. Peters: House Committee Reveals Biden Pseudonym

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