Orange is the New Black


India lands on the moon’s south pole

RIP legend Bob Barker
(His 100th would have been Dec. 12. Almost got that perfect $1)

He hosted CBS’s The Price Is Right from 1972 to 2007, making it the longest-running daytime game show in North American television history. He also hosted Truth or Consequences from 1956 to 1975.


RIP Joe the Plumber


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

Missing treasure found? Arizona man says he has cowboy sculpture listed by FBI as stolen

Alligator Found Outside Michigan Woman’s Home: Police

More wonderful than weird

Pilot brings Texas girl’s lost doll home from Tokyo

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

‘Crazy’ Hinge date uses lipstick to leave warning to other singles under toilet seat

Pete the peacock, adored by neighborhood, fatally shot by bow and arrow

Supermarket evacuated after spider whose bite can cause painful erections or death spotted

Biden’s expansion of food stamps drove food prices up by FIFTEEN PERCENT

Welcome to the New Abnormal

Scott Adams has said that we have a pandemic of incompetence; here is a clear example.

5-year-old boy rings doorbell for help after school bus makes wrong stop in 105-degree heat: ‘Will you help me find my mommy?’


How do you get gangbangers to stop firing on each other? Ask them nicely to only do it during certain hours.

Chicago group wants gangbangers to refrain from firing guns between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.


‘Fanged’ man gets 10 years for killing 12-year-old in traffic crash while on bail for 3 felony cases

Florida Man

Florida chemistry student caught on camera injecting opioid ‘chemical agent’ under neighbor’s door

Florida man who raised thousands on GoFundMe after spouse’s murder now suspected in slaying

Florida man with drugs around penis denies they were his


News of the Wonderfuller

Foster Dog Saves Sleeping Family Of 5 From Houseboat Fire

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