Coming for Your Children


Butthead City

Drive-through employee drives customers away.

Pelosi is running again. SF gets what it pays for.


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

Three-Eyed “Dinosaur Shrimp” Are Waking Up At Burning Man


Cheers, Marines! There’s a craft crayon beer



Joe Biden’s New Ad!

Joe Biden comforts victims of tragedies,. He doea about as well as you would expect.

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

Dems further dismantle th Constitution, New York Mayor shows his true colors, and much more.

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Totally believable

Videos Show Angry Neo-Nazis Cursing and Screaming Slurs During March in Florida

Remember when the Trump admin did this and people lost their everloving minds? Now it’s OK.

FEMA and FCC Plan Nationwide Emergency Alert Test for Oct. 4, 2023

Residents concerned over Lake Belton water quality after more than 300 tires found due to lowering water levels

Nike store in Portland shuts doors as crime and safety concerns tear through city

Couple stuck next to ‘farting and snorting’ dog on 13-hour flight demand refund

11,000 marathon runners disqualified amid reports of runners using bikes and public transport


Wine of the Week

Estancia Vineyards

Cabernet sauvignon



An excellent cab, dry without a bitter aftertaste. We would definitely get it again.

Welcome to the New Abnormal


Venezuelan immigrant arrested 6 times for 14 crimes in just 2 months in NYC


Gabriel C. Metcalf

Our unfortunate new segment…They’re Coming for Your Children

Z-cup breast teacher Kayla Lemieux given police escort for first day at new Toronto school

Preferring Biological Children Is Immoral

Spreckels Union School District settles with parent over indoctrination allegations

Controversy erupts in Jefferson County after the teachers union tells educators to destroy evidence of student surveys regarding gender identity

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