China is A**hoe

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Tonight we discuss China’s control of our government and economy with returning guest Naresh Vissa. We celebrate Constitution Day with a fun quiz. And we discuss why John Fetterman is now the most powerful man in the Senate. All this, plus, news of the weird, wonderful, and wicked.


Constitution Day

QUIZ TIME!!! How did Mélanie do?


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

Oldie but goodie
Texas restaurant comes under fire for using photos of Caitlyn Jenner as bathroom signs

Human skull found in Goodwill donation box

‘Ritual mass murder’ reported in UK seaside resort was a yoga class

Alabama high school band director stunned, arrested after refusing to end performance


More wonderful than weird

A man bought a metal detector to get off the couch. He just made the “gold find of the century” in Norway.

Rewilding 2,000 Rhino


Gov. Abbott honors Dallas officer, K-9 with Star of Texas Award


Naresh on China

We conclude our series of interviews with Naresh Vissa. Tonight, we discuss the different ways that China has siezed control of large parts of our businesses, our government, and our economy.


Fetterman is now the most powerful Senator on the floor

Schumer Ditches the Senate’s Dress Code

News of the Wonderfuller

After Being Rescued By a Pack of Huskies, This Kitten Has an Identity Crisis

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