Top Gunned


Tonight we dance the Pirola, visit Nargles University, and enjoy the New Adventures of Blunder Woman!
All this, plus, news of the weird, wonderful, and wicked.


BEWARE!!! The new variant has arrived. Be afraid! Lean on the government. Trust the Science. Give up your freedoms. Give in to Socialism. Only you can prevent the damage of the (dum dum dum…) Pirola strain!!


Pirola Covid strain: What are the symptoms of the new variant?


TDSer of the Week

Whoo, doggy, what a ratio!

Kari Lake ‘Surprised’ by Blistering Attack From Original Wonder Woman



News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

Fetterman got permission to dress like a 10-year-old slob in the Capitol, so he grew a pornstash to celebrate

Sen. John Fetterman says he’ll ‘save democracy’ by wearing a suit if House GOP avoids shutdown


Tropical flamingos visit Lake Michigan beach


More wonderful than weird

Crocodiles save dog?


Officer Rips Off Vest, Sprints Into Water To Save TWO Swimmers In Rip Current


Oklahoma Zoo Forecasts ‘Cloudy with a chance of cute’ After Rare Clouded Leopard Kitten Born


Presenting: Nargles University!

Let Nargles U make your dreams come true.

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Tourist Slammed for Smooching Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid Statue


Roe v. Wade Case Documents Fetch Over $600K at Auction


A Black Texas student sues after he was suspended over his hairstyle


Kraft Heinz is recalling some American cheese slices because the wrappers could pose choking hazard

Holy Crap

We lose an $80M aircraft, Howard Stern clutches his pearls, and so much less. 🙂


Welcome to the New Abnormal

We’re not interested in white, abled-bodied stories, woke literary agents tell aspiring authors


Biden says he “might die” before Hunter’s legal issues are settled


Florida Man

An alligator was spotted at this Florida park. Something about it was ‘disturbing’


Chaos erupts as groups of brawling students pile up in hall of Florida high school


Florida man arrested after trying to cross Atlantic in hamster wheel vessel


Florida man, 71, naked from the waist down, arrested for looking in woman’s bathroom window


News of the Wonderfuller

Jimmy Carter makes rare public appearance, days before his birthday and 7 months after starting hospice


Man Names Child After Teen Who Asked Him A Simple Question

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